6 Disney Princess Haar-Tutorials!

6 Disney princess Haar-tutorials! Video-Anleitung für jede Frisur. #halloween #halloweenhairstyles #disney #disneyprincess
Start with a low ponytail and be sure to leave a thick strand aside to make the French chignon effect. Roll the strand inward and secure it with bobby pins.
6 Disney Princess Frisuren, Video-Tutorials: (Klicken Sie hier, um das video direkt auf YouTube.)

Prinzessin Frisuren in diesem video:
Elsa Haar-tutorial, Krönung Hochsteckfrisur aus dem Film Frozen

Elsa Haar-tutorial, Disney Frozen, Frisur video

Belle hair tutorial von die schöne und das Biest

Belle Frisur, Schönheit und das Biest, video-tutorial

Cinderella ball-Frisur (meist nach unten mit gedrehten Krone) aus dem live-action-Film

Cinderella Haar-tutorial, ball Frisur aus der live-action-Film

Cinderella Frisur (klassische Hochsteckfrisur mit Stirnband)

Cinderella Frisur, video-tutorial

Anna-Frisur, Krönung Hochsteckfrisur aus Gefrorenem

Anna-Frisur, aus dem Disney-Film Frozen, video-tutorial

Jasmin-Haar-tutorial von Aladdin

Jasmine Frisur, von Aladdin, video-tutorial

Spray a little bit of dry shampoo and start by giving the bump a little boost with some frizz. Secure it with bobby pins in a half ponytail and divide the rest of the hair in two strands. Braid them and once you’re done, pull each braid to the other side and tuck the ends underneath.
Divide your hair in four sections and, with a curling iron, start curling each one except the one at the nape of the neck. Make sure to pin up all your curls and let them stay for about 15 minutes, long enough to let them cool. If you have long hair, braid the section you left loose and tuck it inward. Once you let the curls free, roll the length of your hair under, adjusting it as short as you want. Secure with bobby pins.

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